Radicchio Gets an A+ For Antioxidant Activity

A recently published report reveals that radicchio, with a powerful flavor and color profile, also provides an antioxidant content rivaling that of blueberries and spinach.”We suspected that radicchio is nutrient-rich, especially when you consider its deep color,” said Dennis Donohue, president of European Vegetable Specialties, a leading grower of radicchio in Salinas, CA, “but we frankly were amazed at how high its score was reported to be.”

A 1 cup (shredded) serving of Radicchio has 9.2 calories. It is high in magnesium, potassium, and has 10.8 I.U. of vitamin A. It is 70% carbohydrate with a bit of protein and just a tiny trace of fat.

Radicchio is a Healthy Treat:

Radicchio has several health properties that can give children and adults a healthy boost, from high levels of antioxidants, to dietary fiber, and an array of vitamins and minerals. One little serving (approximately 86 grams or 12 leaves) of radicchio has 11 % of your daily total dietary fiber and 10% of your daily recommended dosage of Vitamin C.

The dietary fiber in radicchio helps fill you up and remove waste from your body. The American Dietetic Association recommends 20-35 grams of dietary fiber per day, but the US national average estimates that most adults only consume 12-18 grams a day. The dietary fiber and riboflavin found in radicchio can make it a great diet-friendly vegetable for those watching their weight, or looking to boost natural endurance.

Vitamins like A, B, C, and K are most easily absorbed and utilized by the body when consumed in foods, like radicchio.  Vitamin K is vital for bone health, and it also appears to limit naturally occurring gradual neuron damage in the brain. Vitamin C boosts immune system health, promotes healing of all body cells, and detoxifies the body. Less known benefits of Vitamin C include: building collagen, supporting good bacteria in the gut, preventing the hardening of the arteries, neutralizing harmful environmental toxins, combating disease, and lowering cholesterol in the body.

Riboflavin, or Vitamin B2, is an essential vitamin required for proper energy metabolism and cellular processes. Riboflavin aids in metabolizing respiratory proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Riboflavin helps the body sustain healthful skin, nails, eyes, mouths, lips, and tongue. Riboflavin is important for normal vision and to prevent cataracts, and has helped some patients successfully treat migraine headaches. Radicchio has over 24% of your daily recommended Vitamin K1 and 22% of the Riboflavin you should consume every day.

Click here to download a PDF Certificate of Analysis from Covance Laboratories Inc.