What We Grow


Royal Rose grows radicchio in California most of the year, so our radicchio goes from the growing fields to the dinner table while it’s fresh, crisp and most nutritious. Compare Royal Rose to imported radicchio and you’ll see what eating food grown close to home can mean and why our radicchio is Fresher-Bigger-Better.

Fresher Radicchio

Royal Rose radicchio is fresher because it is field-packed and shipped directly to distributors and retailers. Foreign grown radicchio often spends up to four weeks in route to local American distributors and retailers.

Bigger Radicchio

Because domestically grown radicchio spends less time being shipped, the outer layers stay firm, full and healthy. A good, fresh head of radicchio should weigh at least half a pound. But, if radicchio is stored in warehouses or shipped from a foreign location, its outer leaves wilt as they age. The outer leaves are trimmed to remove the limp and wilted layers. If there is a longer wait, they are trimmed again and again — until you’re left with the teeny tennis-ball-size head of radicchio in the produce aisle, showing its age and how far it has traveled.

Better Radicchio

With strategically located growing regions and follow-the-sun harvesting, Royal Rose radicchio is a better value than any other radicchio! Royal Rose never stores or warehouses its radicchio.