St Patrick’s Day Salad

catherine-fulvio-ballyWith my Italian heart and Irish blood we couldn’t celebrate St Patrick’s Day here at Ballyknocken House & Cookery School without this food combination – hot potatoes & smoked salmon! The wilted, yet cirspy radicchio balances the textures so well in the recipe. Enjoy and happy St Patrick’s Day!
– Catherine


Ingredients (serves 4):

3 large potatoes, peel and dice into 1 inch pieces

5 small sprigs of thyme

1 head of Royal Rose Radicchio, separate and halve the leaves

A good handful of baby spinach, washed and trimmed

6oz./180gm smoked salmon, in small strips

1 lemon thinly sliced

A bunch of dill

Salt and freshly ground black pepper

Olive oil

For the dressing:

½ cup/125ml of cream

2 tbsp. Irish Stout

1 tsp. whole grain mustard

2 tsp. of honey

½ tsp. chopped thyme

1 tbsp. chopped parsley

Salt and freshly ground black pepper


Preheat oven to 190°C / 375°F / Fan 170°C / 335°F or Gas 5

Heat a little oil in a roasting pan and add potatoes and thyme. Roast for about 25 minutes, or until golden, tossing from time to time. Then season with salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Set aside and keep warm.

To make the dressing, pour all the ingredients except for the parsley into a small saucepan over a low heat. Stir until all the ingredients have dissolved, add the parsley and check the seasoning. Keep warm.

Heat a large frying pan over a medium heat, add the olive oil followed by the Royal Rose Radicchio leaves. Toss lightly for about a minute or so until slightly wilted. Add the spinach and wilt for a further minute. Transfer to serving plates and add the roast potatoes.

Spoon over some dressing and arrange the smoked salmon and lemon slices on top.

Garnish with sprigs of dill, sprinkle freshly ground black pepper and serve immediately.

TIP: use steamed baby potatoes instead of the roasted ones or even diced roasted sweet potatoes for a delicious change