Food Safety

Seed-to-Sale Security

“It is important that our customers know the lengths we go to supply them with the safest, freshest product.” -Dennis Donohue (President)


Food Safety at Royal Rose RadicchioFood safety has always been a priority to Royal Rose. Food Safety is being emphasized now because of trends like organic farming and GMO’s (genetically modified organisms), along with threats like bioterrorism, “super” virus strands, and adapting microorganisms. Precautionary measures allow marketable leverage both domestically and abroad.

Internal & External Compliance ProgramsRoyalnRose has specific internal and external programs in place to ensure the safety and quality of our produce. Within the company, GAP’s (Good Agricultural Practices) are detailed, an updated HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) plan is being developed, and training material is supplied to all company outlets including growers, harvesters, coolers, repack and packaging facilities, and transporters. Externally, food safety measures have been implemented with suppliers and international farming operations. Furthermore, a third party auditing program is in place with Select buyers can access our flawless food safety records through this website link immediately.