How We Grow

At royal rose we are totally committed to providing the best radicchio year-round. That’s why we follow the sun to fresher-bigger-better radicchio, growing close to home.

Fresher Radicchio is Better Radicchio

Royal Rose radicchio is the most widely consumed radicchio in the U.S. To meet the demand and maintain our promise of radicchio that is fresher, bigger and better – we follow the sun. Oh, we could follow the crowd and use a storage program but we follow a brighter star. We follow the sun.

Every. Single. Day.

Royal Rose was the first company in the world to harvest radicchio on a daily basis. Everything we grow is field packed fresh.

We grow radicchio in the salad bowl of the nation, the Salinas Valley, for most of the year. As the weather cools we move our growing operation to Oxnard California. In the winter months, January through March, we grow fresh radicchio in sunny Florida, as well as in well monitored fields in Mexico. Our radicchio, once it is harvested, moves directly to supermarkets and foodservice purveyors. We field pack our beautiful burgundy heads of radicchio–fresh everyday.