For Chefs

Chefs know radicchio. Here are Royal Rose, we relish every opportunity to interact with the artists that make radicchio shine in their restaurants, at their events, and in their homes. We’re fortunate to have some of the most accomplished chefs in the world right here in our backyard. We love collaborating with them to create beautiful menus for events, discover new recipes, and share radicchio with visitors from around the world.

If you’re a radicchio loving chef, please consider planning a special radicchio-inspired menu or event with us. Or read on for fun recipes and fresh ideas.


Radicchio’s slightly spicy bite – its bright, bitter note – makes it pair deliciously with many other flavor components. There are five categories of foods that make radicchio perform brilliantly. Click here to read more…


With radicchio, size is a measure of freshness. A small, dry head of radicchio has had a long, hard life; it’s small now because it’s been trimmed time and again to keep it looking good. Royal Rose radicchio is a big, firm head with dark leaves, bright white ribs and a fresh texture. It’s fresher because it’s grown in California, and its journey from field to market – and then to your table – is much shorter.

Read on for a few useful tips about selecting a fresh head of radicchio in the produce aisle:

• Look for dark red to purple leaves with small white veins.
• Select tight, firm radicchio heads that feel heavy for their size.
• Avoid very small heads (less than 1/2 pound) – they’re old.
• Avoid heads that are pointed, misshapen or ones with loose leaves.

The Royal Rose™ brand means that this radicchio is the freshest available, packed to order and rushed from the field to the market in time for you to enjoy at its peak.