Chioggia Radicchio

Royal Rose’s Premiere Radicchio

Radicchio has a sharp, intense flavor that is pleasantly bitter. It has tender but firm leaves and is a popular green in salad mixes. Commonly, the name “radicchio” refers to the variety with dark maroon leaves and white ribs growing in a round head about the size of a large grapefruit. This premiere Royal Rose™ variety is known as Radicchio di Chiogga.


Radicchio can be used raw in salads, as an ingredient in a variety of cooked dishes such as pasta or pizza and it is especially well suited for grilling. You can control the intensity of its flavor by soaking the leaves before you use them.


Radicchio is sold by weight. For radicchio, size is a measurement of freshness. A small dry head of radicchio has had a long hard life: it’s small because the outer layers of leaves have been trimmed away to keep it looking good. Royal Rose™ Radicchio is a big, firm head with dark leaves, bright white ribs and a fresh texture.

Buying Tips:

• Look for dark red to purple leaves with small white veins.
• Select tight, firm radicchio heads that feel heavy for their size.
• Avoid very small heads (less than 1/2 pound)–they’re old.
• Avoid heads that are pointed, misshapen or ones with loose leaves.


A 1 cup (shredded) serving of Radicchio has 9.2 calories. It is high in magnesium, potassium, and has 10.8 I.U. of vitamin A. It is 70% carbohydrate with just a small amount of protein and just a trace of fat.


Royal Rose™ Radicchio is available year-round.