Company History

Italian Tradition

Italian farmers Lucio Gomiero and Carlo Boscolo teamed up with Salinas Valley growers in the late 1980′s. Gomiero, a winemaker by trade, had the idea of bringing Boscolo’s proprietary seed varieties and 50 years of radicchio growing in Italy to the U.S. He believed there was a new market for the flavorful, versatile vegetable. He was right.

Radicchio is truly part of the Italian culture. Over the centuries it has developed into a culinary treasure – grown, harvested and prepared with great care and passion.

Veneto Region

The Veneto region of Northern Italy, in particular, truly celebrates radicchio. Each radicchio variety is named after the Italian town that boasts its birthplace. Royal Rose grows the three most popular varieties named after their hometown:

CHIOGGIA – Radicchio di Chioggia
TREVISO – Radicchio di Treviso and Tardivo
CASTELFRANCO – Radicchio di Castelfranco