About Royal Rose & Radicchio


The “Salad Bowl of the World” gained some much-needed color, flavor and crunch in 1993 with the formation of Royal Rose LLC of Salinas, California. Royal Rose LLC grows several varieties of radicchio, a member of the chicory family that is revered in Italy and throughout Europe as a fresh, zesty addition to salads, pastas, pizzas and more. The vibrant color, pleasing bitterness, and unmistakable crunch come together to form a unique addition to any meal. Royal Rose turned a seasonal vegetable into a year-round treat, following the sun through four growing regions to supply a growing market with field-fresh radicchio, grown right here in the USA.

Led by company president Dennis Donohue, Royal Rose has helped promote and popularize radicchio in the American marketplace. Royal Rose’s “Fresher-Bigger-Better” Radicchio is an industry-standard treat. Chefs all over the country are increasingly using Radicchio beyond the salad, serving the versatile vegetable raw, grilled or sautéed and in a variety of specialized dishes. Even McDonald’s now includes radicchio in its premium salads in many markets.

Focus on Freshness

Sometimes the more things change the more they stay the same. Royal Rose’s Fresher-Bigger-Better program reflects an on-going commitment to educating the trade and consumers that radicchio’s versatility requires a focus on freshness to make sure you can have the best radicchio experience possible.

Expanded Growing Areas

Royal Rose remains committed to providing the freshest possible product to guarantee satisfied customers. Towards that end Royal Rose has selectively expanded its growing areas to ensure we are shipping from the best place at the best time.

Consumer Education

Royal Rose is also committed to education. Our new marketing campaign “What’s A Salad Without Radicchio?” reflects an on-going commitment to promoting and popularizing radicchio. Radicchio is beginning to enjoy mainstream acceptance by consumers. Our “What’s A Salad Without Radicchio?” marketing program positions radicchio as an integral part of any salad.