Royal Rose Radicchio – Officially Certified a SUPERFOOD


Hearty red vegetable joins spinach and blueberries with one of produce’s most elite health certifications 


SALINAS, CA – Royal Rose Radicchio has officially been certified as an Antioxidant-rich SUPERFOOD TM by SCS Global Services. While radicchio has long been regarded as a “health food,” this official certification elevates Royal Rose Radicchio to a new level, alongside nutritional powerhouses like spinach, blueberries, broccoli, green tea, and pomegranates. Foods are certified as a SUPERFOODS only when they meet or exceed exceptional levels of bioflavonoids, known as Anthocyanidins, that carry amazing health values. An independent lab tested and evaluated Royal Rose Radicchio from several ranches and seed variations. Royal Rose’s signature red vegetable exceeded all USDA Flavonoid averages for Anthocyanidins (Cyanidin) and meets 20% of the daily requirement in just one little serving.
Many of today’s most popular diets that are associated with improved health and longevity, such as the Mediterranean diet, the French diet, and the Japanese diet, emphasize the medicinal properties of food and the importance of heavy vegetable and fruit consumption. These diets rich in fruits, vegetables, and grains contain vital antioxidants that boost health and energy levels. Research surrounding such traditional diets suggests that changes to the American diet could help address obesity, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases currently plaguing the United States today.

“This certification confirms Royal Rose Radicchio’s place among the SUPERFOOD super stars,” said Royal Rose President Dennis Donohue. “Our focus now will shift to helping more health conscious consumers access this delicious, unique, and versatile vegetable.”

Royal Rose Radicchio is healthy for reasons beyond antioxidants as well. The company’s farm-fresh radicchio varietals are high in Vitamin A, B, C, and K, which are most easily absorbed and utilized by the body, when consumed through foods, than through supplements.  Royal Rose Radicchio also has exceptionally high dietary fiber levels, allowing you to feel fuller, longer and to effectively remove waste from your body.
Expect more big announcements from Royal Rose in the coming months, as the company’s innovative leadership further explores the company’s signature HOT SALADS, promising to introduce America to a new way to enjoy the fresh, SUPERFOOD certified produce in both organic and conventional lines. Royal Rose is committed to making it easy and tasty to put the healthiest of vegetables at the center of the plate – introducing dishes like crisp Treviso on the grill and hearty red radicchio in the pan.