Royal Rose in Lidia’s Italy in America!

Royal Rose Radicchio is featured in Lidia Bastianich’s newest book Lidia’s Italy in America. Lidia, her daughter, Tanya Bastianich Manuali, and their film crew, toured and photographed a mature radicchio field ready for harvest in Salinas, California last summer. Royal Rose fields and produce are featured two different sections of the beautiful compilation (pages xiv and 99). The brilliantly photographed book includes recipes for Radicchio and Beet Salad, Radicchio, Endive, and Walnut Salad, and Radicchio, Goat Cheese, and Raisin Salad. Previous cookbooks written by Bastianich have included radicchio pastas and warm salads as well.

About the Book Lidia’s Italy in America

After taking countless television viewers on a journey into her own kitchen and into kitchens across Italy, with her newest book Lidia Bastianich now invites fans on a road trip into the heart of modern Italian American cuisine. Lidia shared her journey into Italian American communities throughout the United States, where chefs, families and farmers have created something new out of the recipes passed down from their ancestors. Traditions and methods have evolved, but at the heart of each dish is something undeniably Italian. Bastianich’s appreciation for family business and Italian tradition intersected perfectly in our own Salinas Valley, where many Italian immigrants on family farms settled, growing artichokes, garlic, grapes, broccoli, chicories, and so much more. Salinas shares a similar coastal climate and soil composition with many Italian growing regions, so Italian vegetable varieties, like those embraced by Royal Rose, naturally grow well throughout Monterey County’s “Fresh Appalachian.”

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